Saturday, January 31, 2015

Save the Little Free Library

Libraries don't have to be buildings to be a great destination. I love my neighborhood Little Free Libraries. I pass by two on the same street when I run. Normally I prefer to exercise in a gym because of allergies, but I'm training for the Hot Chocolate Run 5K on March 1st in downtown Seattle. Otherwise I would might have never found those two libraries!

Here is a book I got from one of them recently.

In return, I dropped off about five books that I've read for book clubs over the years that I didn't care to keep. I made sure I picked good quality, popular titles (because of the librarian in me!). I just didn't enjoy them personally. Hopefully someone else will!

Also, this Little Free Library in Greenlake wins the award for best thing ever.

I've seen some news stories recently (here and here) about cities banning little free libraries in communities. This is so incredibly heartbreaking. If you live in one of these communities, go talk to your city council members. Let them know how libraries, in any shape or form, make a community better. Here are a few steps:

1. Find out who your city council district representative is and schedule an appointment.
2. Know your stuff. Bring facts about how literacy transforms a community. can help you there.
3. Bring examples of other communities that have successful Little Free Libraries. Seattle has them everywhere! Search the news, find pictures, gather stories.
4. Get others in the community involved. If the city council member has twenty of their constituents come to them and tell them that city ordinances should be changed to allow little free libraries, that will make a greater impact than just one person.

Good luck and remember that you have a voice!


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