Monday, June 22, 2015

Babies & Books - Baby Story Time Planning

Hello all!

I've been planning my first Baby Story Time and wanted to share what I put together and how it went. If you have suggestions or ideas, I am all ears! Otherwise, I hope this helps anyone else starting out.

I put a limit on the program to 10 so that I could purchase 10 copies of the same board books. The program is new, so we haven't had even 10 people show up. This works out for now, but I've been in contact with local early childhood organizations to try to raise our attendance.  

1 Copy of the Outline
1 Baby Stand-in (I used a Barbar doll)
1 Boombox with a copy of Jim Gill's CD "Toe Leg Knee"
10 Copies of 3 Different Board Books
10 Scarves
10 Shakers
10 Copies of Songs and Rhymes for the Parents
10 Carpet Squares (or blankets to make the parents comfortable)

Here is the outline I used:

Babies & Books Outline – Summer 2015

I.                    Welcome to Babies & Books, a story time for babies 6 weeks to 18 months old. A few things before we get started. First, we run on baby time. It’s okay to be late, to leave early, to go out and back in if your baby needs the time. Second, don’t be afraid to sing and play along. Even if you think you sound bad or silly, trust me: your baby loves it anyway.

II.                  Opening Song:

Choo Choo!
Choo choo choo choo,
(bounce baby up and down to the rhythm)
Choo choo choo choo
(bounce baby up and down to the rhythm)
Up the railroad track,
(move baby forward)
Choo choo choo choo,
(bounce baby up and down to the rhythm)
Choo choo choo choo
(bounce baby up and down to the rhythm)
Then we come right back.
(move baby back toward you)
First we go to ________’s house,
(Baby’s name)
Then we go to _______’s house,
(Baby’s name)
(Repeat around the circle)
And then we come right back!

III.                Pass out 1st board book
Look, Look!
(sing before reading book; use ASL for underlined words)
Look, look, it’s time for a book.
Look, look, it’s time for a book,
Look, look, it’s time for a book.
It’s time for a book right now.

IV.                Stand up!

The Noble Duke of York
The noble duke of York
He had ten thousand men
He marched them up
to the top of the hill
And marched them down again.
And when they’re up, they’re up,
And when they’re down,
they’re down,
And when they’re only half-way up,
They’re neither up nor down.

Shake It to the East
(pass out bells or shakers)
Shake it to the east, shake it to the west.
Shake it all around and then you take a rest.
Shake your shakers up, shake your shakers down.
Shake it, shake it, shake it and then you settle down.

V.                  Pass out 2nd Board Book

VI.                Sit Down!

CD: Jim Gill’s Toe Leg Knee

VII.              Pass out 3rd Board Book

VIII.            Play!

Zoom Zoom Zoom
(Pass out scarves)
Zoom Zoom Zoom
Were going to the moon
Zoom Zoom Zoom
Were going to the moon
We'll climb aboard a rocket ship
And go upon a little trip
Zoom Zoom Zoom
Were going to the moon
5. .4. .3. .2. .1. .Blast Off!

(Put scarf over child’s eyes)
1 -2 -3 Peek-a-boo! I see you!

This is the way we…
(Use scarf as ‘bath sponge’)
This is the way we wash our toes,
Wash our toes, wash our toes,
This is the way we wash our toes,
When we take a bath!
(Repeat with: ears, arms, legs, face, etc.)

IX.                Closing Song:
Here We Go Up
(Tune: "Here We Go Looby-Loo")
Here we go up, up, up
Here we go down, down, down
Here we go back and forth
Here we go round and round
Here we go to the left
Here we go to the right
Let’s all blow a kiss
Now wave goodbye like this!

X.                  Announcements! Don’t forget to sign up for Summer Learning Club. Feel free to bring a baby blanket next time for your comfort.

XI.                Free Play and Read! Baby safe toys and board books from the collection are out. Feel free to mingle and with other parents.

Special thanks to the Frisco Public Library, Seattle Public Library, and to Jbrary for songs and inspiration. 

How it went:

It was really fun! I had one kiddo who cried when we did the Noble Duke of York action rhyme, but she was smiling again by Peek-a-boo. Having only a few people makes it a little awkward. I hope we get the full 10 people so that everyone gets more out of it.  


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