Saturday, November 22, 2014

3D Printing Programing Ideas

I just went to the Washington Library Association's Children and Young Adult Services (CAYAS) Fall Workshop and was inspired by the 3D printing demonstration by the Kitsap Regional Library (KRL). KRL, with their STEM programing, is doing some really neat things with their 3D printer. Their philosophy, for the most part, is to let the participants figure out projects for themselves. This led to a project to create a chess set for the library and other projects.

Here is Seth Ciotti demoing the 3D printer at the workshop.

On my Pinterest exploration of 3D printed objects, I came across some really neat things. One thing I found was a 3D printed chess set, coincidentally. Other items included jewelry, book covers, cookie cutters, and shower heads. If you do an open 3D printing program, you could show your participants some of these great ideas. You can check out the Pinterest board here

If you are interested in running a more structured program, I've thought up some things that would be fun to run with a 3D printer.

Design Your Own Board Game 

CC Credit: popmayhem

Have some cardboard, markers, and design game pieces using a 3D printer.

Survival of the Print-est

CC Credit: Creative Tools

Have a survivalist party in honor of the new Hunger Games movie or under a general Dystopian theme. One challenge can be that teams have to print three items that they think they would need to survive. 

Printable Accessories 

CC Credit: Shapeways

Let your participants find and design jewelry and other accessories with the 3D printer. 

If you have one, what have you done with your 3D printer? Have you found it better to run programs with or without structure?


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