Friday, November 28, 2014

Five Beautiful University Reading Rooms

The beautiful library reading rooms at these university libraries from across the world are motivation alone to go back for that doctorate degree. Just think of all the studying you can get done surrounded by antique lamps and musty old-book smell!

A. D. White Reading Room Cornell Library

North Reading Room of Doe Library UC Berkeley

CC Credit: Reid Beels

Carolina Rediviva Reading Room Uppsala University in Sweden

CC Credit: Mirko Junge

University of Graz in Austria

CC Credit: Tony

Suzzallo Library Reading Room University of Washington

CC Credit: Michael Matti

You may notice how many students have laptops in this last picture. One important function of academic libraries today is internet/database access for students. Today, even the grand, historic reading rooms have outlets for charging laptops and provide free wifi. What comes next for enabling students for 21st century reading?


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