Thursday, February 12, 2015

6 Ways Libraries Spread Valentine's Day Love

1. Valentine's Day Crafts

Almost every public library will have a craft for kids to make Valentines, Valentine Boxes, or Valentine's Day cards.

2. Love Themed Story Times

It's also common for your local story time to be about love, but not always. Some librarians don't like to do themes or have some other theme planned. It may be good to call ahead to see.

3. Blind Date Book Display

This is a really neat trend that has caught on at many libraries. You check out a book without knowing what it is. Will it be love, or will your book date be a dud?

4. Romance Novels

Perfect for reading while curled up next to your cat with a glass of wine. Judgement free!

5. Cookbooks for Romantic Recipes

Eating out can be a miserable experience. Even if you make reservations, restaurants are so busy this night. Stay in with your sweetie and make your own tasty food together. Even if it turns out poorly, it will make a funny story (plus, Dominoes does deliver on Valentine's Day... just saying).

6. Valentine's Reference Questions

"What are Valentine's Day traditions in other countries?"
"What is the number for local chocolate makers or florists?"
"Who wrote that song that goes like this... ? We heard it on our first date."


Good luck!


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