Thursday, February 5, 2015

Library Profile - King County Library System, Bellevue

I was visiting a friend in Bellevue today and I thought I would stop by the KCLS library here. This was an excellent decision. What a lovely library, and HUGE!

The first thing I started noticing was all of the art in this place.

Seriously, everywhere you turn you find something to entertain the eye. This makes me incredibly happy.

The library has three layers of space. The first floor has fiction, youth materials, and check out stations.

I like the story time room with castle turrets. 

The second floor and the mezzanine cover the non-fiction, reference materials, computers, and have plenty of space to bring your own projects.

This is where I settled down to write this post.

This is a great library! There were lots of people, and yet I was able to easily find a quiet spot to work. The drive from Seattle wasn't that bad, either (although I purposely timed it to miss rush hour). I'm glad I was able to stop by. 


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