Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The Library, Taxes, and You

Like many of you, I am yet to do my taxes. For those of you already done with this task and with refund in hand, well... la-de-da! My situation this year is a little more complicated since I have had multiple jobs and gotten married. I need to wait for W2s and other paperwork to come in and then I am filing together with my husband (who has also had multiple incomes).

This can a bit overwhelming to even think about, but in today's high tech world we can easily file for free online. Not everyone is this fortunate. Not everyone has a computer. Not everyone can use one. Even then, taxes can get pretty complicated and you may need to ask someone a few questions.

Enter the library!

If you want to file free online, but don't have a computer or super great computer skills, just head into the library and use a public access computer to go to this website.

If you need quick computer assistance, there is undoubtably a librarian nearby who can help. Librarians cannot help with the actual taxes. We would could get in trouble if any advice we gave you was wrong. We are not tax professionals.

Enter AARP!

If you need a little more help or have tax questions, a lot of libraries partner with AARP to provide tax help to people of any age. Find a location here.

Unfortunately, many libraries are no longer getting forms or information booklets from the IRS. However, a librarian can help you print anything you may need from the IRS website.

So do not fear! Get started at your local library today. This year the only stress April 15th will bring about will be because you forgot milk at the grocery store. Or something. :)


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